2017 | Volume 18

TSMJ Volume 18: A-head of the Rest


Finding the Needle in the Haystack: The Dominance of the Systematic Review


Case Report

Virtual Surgery: Facing the Future!

Original Article

Targeting the Inflammasome: A Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Staff Article

Game-Changers in the Making of Contemporary Vascular Surgery


Education in Abortion Care in Ireland: Medical Students For Choice (MSFC) Taking a Lead

Swan Prize

Refugee Aid is not Supererogatory: A Cosmopolitan Rawlsian Framework for Thinking About Human Rights, Health and our Obligations to Refugees

Maternity Paper

Ask for Help: An Exploration of Factors that Inhibit and Influence the Health- and Help-Seeking Behaviour (HSB) of Post-Natal Women Experiencing Morbidities

Literature Review

Bone Remodelling in Space: A Review

Cover Art: Emily Nguyen