2001 | Volume 2


Genes and the Future of Medicine

Original Articles

Meningitis C Vaccination Uptake- A Study of Prevalence in Children of Medical and Non-Medical Card Holders

Case Reports

Case Report- An Unusual Case Of Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Literature Reviews

Colorectal Cancer Screening For An Asymptomatic Patient – Colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy

Genetic Testing

Mechanisms of Signal Transduction in Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome

The Ketogenic Diet- Healthy or Harmful- A Review In Light Of Its Renewed Popularity

The Pelvic Floor and Urinary Incontinence

Traditional Practices In Postnatal Care- The Malay Community In Malaysia

A Study of Bicycle Helmet Use and Bicycle Safety In Dublin

Acute Abdominal Pain In Children- Is It Intussusception

AIDS Vaccine Trials- Ethical Ramifications and Policy Implications For Developing Countries

Cat Eye Syndrome

Cervical Screening- What is the Evidence to Support the Introduction of a National Cervical Screening Programme