Q: Who can write an article in the TSMJ?

A: Any student from all Irish Universities studying medicine, life sciences or health sciences, or related degrees are eligible to submit an article into the TSMJ. There is no application fee and students from disciplines outside of medicine are encouraged to submit articles, but the topic should be related to health sciences.


Q: What topics can I write for an article?

A: We publish articles relating to many aspects of medicine including scientific research and clinical experience. Candidates are welcome to choose any topic of their liking and write an essay, case studies, review articles or research. See the For Authors page for more details.


Q: Is previous experience necessary to write an article?

A: No previous writing experience is necessary. The TSMJ provides submission guidelines which must be adhered to. There are many submissions every year and submissions that don’t adhere to submission guidelines will be returned to the author.


Q: How are the articles chosen for the journal?

A: All published articles are decided by a panel of editors drawn from the medical and health science student body of Trinity College Dublin. All submissions are chosen by a double-blind method, with all identifiers removed from submission until final selection by the editorial committee is completed. The Editorial team also have academic advisors who are Trinity College Dublin academic staff who advise during the editorial process.


Q: Who supports the TSMJ?

A: TSMJ scholarship is sponsored by the School of Medicine in Trinity College Dublin, individual sponsors, and a variety of other sponsors including MPS, 3D4Medical, The Trinity Alumni Office, Bank of Ireland, and many others. The sponsors have always been exceptionally generous in our vision of encouraging and support student excellence in extracurricular activities in particular research and publication.


Q: I know someone who is interested in sponsoring the TSMJ, whom do I contact?

A: As the TSMJ is a free journal, the maximum amount of support from sponsors are needed. If you know of anyone interested in sponsoring TSMJ, please contact tsmj@tcd.ie.